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Forever missing a piece

Welcome to Forever missing a piece...

Hi, and thank you for visiting my blog. I am Hannah, the mum behind ‘Forever missing a piece’. I have 3 boys, and even writing that is hard, as one of my children died in November 2021. This sudden shock and devastation to me and my family is the reason I started writing.


William, our youngest son, was the happiest and most energetic toddler, always wanting to be included in whatever his big brothers Max and Lewis were doing. One Saturday in November, he was slightly under par, I thought a cold was on its way, but never in my wildest dreams was I prepared for what the next 90 minutes were going to entail.  William was in his high chair eating pizza and drinking water, when he had a febrile seizure that lasted 45 minutes, closely followed by 2 cardiac arrests on the way to the hospital which left him fighting for his life. 4 days later our 21 month old baby boy died in his mummy and daddy’s arms at a hospital in London. As I write this 5 months later we still don’t have answers to why this happened, and we may live our lives never knowing what caused William to die.


 I will always be a mother to 3 boys, and love them all equally with all of my heart, but now I have to navigate my life as a mother to 2 children that are alive, and one child that I’ll never get to kiss, cuddle, or watch grow up. This is my grief journey... my life after loss. It’s personal, raw, and the most traumatic experience of my life. Can you survive the loss of a child? I will carry this with me for the rest of my days as you don’t get over the death of your baby, but maybe with time you do find laughter and joy again.

I hope that my blog can help to educate and support families going through the life changing experiences of losing a child, and equally the family and friends supporting them. I wouldn't get through the days without my family and friends who keep my head above water. 

Stick around and I’ll continue to be honest and share my experiences. My love, my grief and hopefully a sprinkling of humour and sarcasm.

Hannah  xx

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